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開始觀看《Tribeca 第1集
開始觀看《Tribeca 第1集

Tribeca 第1集
Tribeca 第2集
Tribeca 第3集
Tribeca 第4集
Tribeca 第5集
Tribeca 第6集

Tribeca 簡介 Tribeca Synopsis

Tribeca》由 井上芳雄、浦井健治、山崎育三郎 主演的2016年日本電視劇。



底第三營業部能把麻煩事解決清楚嗎!?電視幽默音樂劇「Let's Go!第三營業部」以及歌曲演唱甚至是小短劇等等、所有的欄目都充滿著對“音樂劇的愛”!




Hot Real Estate: Tribeca's Highly Anticipated '11 Beach Street'  “With its restaurants, shops, schools and green spaces, Tribeca has become the most desired and fastest growing residential neighborhood in Manhattan," said Ziel Feldman, Chairman and Founder of HFZ Capital Group. "11 Beach is an architectural nod to ... Patch.com (2017/01/24 1:16)

Tribeca megamansion asking $97500/month finally finds a renter  Pigs can't fly, and hell hasn't frozen over (as far as we know), but one of New York City's most ridiculous townhouses finally has a taker. The Tribeca megamansion at 2 North Moore Street, also known as "our suburb" was on the rental market as recently ... Curbed NY (2017/01/24 6:57)

Tribeca in the 1990s  My commute to work takes me right through the heart of TriBeCa every day. I've spoken about it here a few times, but when I first started visiting this neighborhood in the late 80s, it was a markedly different scene. The East Village was cool and SoHo ... Tribeca Citizen (2017/01/24 7:09)

In the News: Novecento Has Closed After 25 Years  (*The Broadsheet says it's at the southwest corner of Greenwich and Warren, but when the matter was discussed at the CB1 Tribeca Committee in December, it was said to be on Warren between Greenwich and West.) The city can still approve it. ••• “Help ... Tribeca Citizen (2017/01/24 3:02)

MAP: See the New York Subway System, Reimagined by Instagram  If Instagram users had their way, food and cultural destinations would dictate the majority of station names. We'd be taking the 2 train from #redrooster in Harlem down to the Hook & Ladder 8 firehouse near #ghostbusters in TriBeCa, and the 4 train ... DNAinfo (2017/01/24 3:25)

Tribeca natural resources hedge fund returns 145 per cent in 2016  When China introduced its game-changing 276-day coal policy which lit a fire under prices in 2016, Tribeca fund managers Ben Cleary and Craig Evans were on a plane 48 hours later heading to Beijing, Shanxi, Hebei and Shandong to figure out the ... The Australian Financial Review (2017/01/18 20:03)

Thief Steals Hundreds of Oysters, Clams From TriBeCa Delivery ...  More than $300 worth of shellfish was stolen from the back of the truck, police said. DNAinfo (2017/01/18 1:20)

'Today' host flirts with lofty Tribeca living  Like many New Yorkers, the “Today” show host was spotted dropping by a real estate open house. The two-bedroom Tribeca loft she checked out at 60 White St., a boutique office-to-condo project developed by the Sorgente Group, is on the market for $4.22 ... New York Post (2017/01/19 17:45)

Ichimura, Omakase From an Acclaimed Chef, to Open in TriBeCa  ICHIMURA Eiji Ichimura, who ran the 12-seat sushi bar in the back of David Bouley's Brushstroke restaurant in TriBeCa for four years, and received two Michelin stars in 2014 for his effort, left last year and is now opening a sushi omakase restaurant ... New York Times (2017/01/18 4:03)

Two Generations of Art 'Provocateurs' on Display in TriBeCa ...  The New York Academy of Art's "Piss and Vinegar" exhibit will run from Jan. 19 through March 5. DNAinfo (2017/01/19 6:30)

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